The Golden Princess in Georgette Platinum

Before having a dialogue over fashion, there is a small story to tell. Long ago, there lived a Golden princess named Goldiana who never laughed. One day, her father declares that whoever could make her daughter smile can marry her. Many tried but failed.

We’ll definitely find the truth behind her gloom but let’s finally bring a happy ending to the story, a gentleman and his little goat went to her palace and threw a challenge to the princess, not to laugh at their hilarious acts, the princess failed and rolled in the aisles from laughing. And finally she was married to the gentleman .

Now rolling back at our question , why was the princess unhappy? So we can ascertain that it was only the absence of sheer, light weight and lively. Georgette Platinum suits in her wardrobe.

Madame Georgette de la plante introduced the light weight and drapey hand fabric in France in the early 20th century and since then it has evolved into a fixture of high fashion.

So, we are jovially presenting Georgette Platinum suits sets in our premier summer collection for bringing wide smiles in this beautiful world.

The solace of pinkish peach

The season’s must have color is fully loaded for fashioning out magnificent statement apparels. Weaving some cues from its sweet little sisters pink and peach, this fusion on Georgette Platinum is a sophisticated way to air the shade.


The delightful dusty pista

Give onto the stylish vibes by choosing the Dusty Pista Georgette Platinum dress this lively summer and mark your charming presence in the semblance.


The Lovely Dusty Rose

Want to keep the fashion flowy, breezy and light, Here is the Dusty Rose shade in it’s savory portrayal.


The Pretty Pink

Refreshing to the eyes and cooling the aura, The Pink Shade on the sheer lightweight fabric is like the dew on the flowers. The
soft, gentle and delicate magical charm spreads all over with soothing tone.


With the impeccable quality standards, each product is fashioned with sublime perfection.

At Diara Moda Italiana, the most embraced word, we cherish is not profit or Business but your prized trust.
So. you can shop the matchless fabrics here for creating stately apparels lightheartedly.