Top 7 DIY Hacks to Use Fabrics For Decorating Your House

Everyone adores decorating their house with a lively interior. Do you know why? It embellishes the beauty of your house and gives an appealing ambiance to your guests. A lot of people go for costly interiors to set up their home. But, not all can afford expensive interiors for their living place. 

To end this difficulty of choosing classy-looking interiors, we are here with a solution for you. You can go for some elegant fabrics to give a lavish appearance to your house. Here is the list of the top 7 DIY hacks you can use for decorating your house. 

1. Exclusive Fabrics for Designing Cushion Covers

Do you wish jazzing up your living space on a thrifty budget? Cushion covers are a feasible way to decorate it at a fraction of the cost of furniture. Though there is not much DIY-ing in this hack, it’s surely an idea that counts. You can choose vivid and festive-friendly fabrics like Printed Silk, Banarasi, and Embroidered fabrics to stitch your cushion covers, or find out the ones we have here at Diara Moda Italiana. 

Besides that, if you do the hand embroidery zari work on your cushions, it’s also a creative thought. 

2. Cotton Fabrics to Cover Your Plants 

Plants are the most affordable props to pep up your mansion’s outlook. Indeed, indoor plants are perfect air purifiers. Moreover, they also act as positive-vibe-reflecting agents. If plants give us too much, then we should also do something for them. Using fabrics to cover the plants help them to grow. The holes of the cotton fabrics allow the plants to absorb water efficiently. 

So, instead of using plastic bags, you can switch to this eco-friendly option of fabrics. You can also knit your favorite designs on cheap cotton fabric. Hence, making your plant covers look unique. 

3. Linen Table Cloth for Your Dine Area 

A dining area is an integral segment of any house. It is due to its inescapable visibility to all the guests. Not only guests but also the family members share their meals and do chit chat here. Perhaps this place should look neat and elegant. A well-organized dining space influences the overall aesthetics of your house. Therefore, it becomes essential to pick a perfect table cloth. 

Table Clothes made of cotton or linen fabrics give a pleasing look to your dining table. Additionally, they are ideal for withstanding spills for regular use. 

4. Alluring Lampshades with Zardosi Fabric 

An easy and customizable piece of home decor, lampshades are something that you cannot skip. You can always go for embroidered zardozi fabrics to personalize your lampshades. Later, attach popsicle sticks, clothespin to them with a glue stick. You can place this over any bright light bulb. Hence, creating a warm ambiance.  

Going with light fabrics like cotton and chiffon is also a fantastic idea. Make some creative designs on them with fabric paints and give them a vibrant look.

5. Printed Fabrics to Design a Photo booth

Are you planning a party at your home? Indeed, a beautifully-designed photo booth has its soothing charm. So, to match your party vibes, a stylish photo booth is a suitable choice. For keeping it, select a well-lit corner of your home, and put some assorted props near it. Thus, this will compliment your photoshoot.

Furthermore, you can pick a backdrop, making it using a printed fabric to give it an artistic touch. Also, you can go with a white cotton fabric for a classy background. 

6. Elegantly-crafted Tapestry for the Walls 

To change the overall vibe of a room, a piece of wall art is just enough. If you wish to DIY some wall hangings, we have fantastic suggestions for you. You can find some fabric or textile that allures you and has an artistic look. A zari fabric works well for this. Later, you can search for a photo frame and tuck the fabric into it. 

Are you not a fan of wall art? Have a piece of fabric for a pseudo tapestry. Customize or change it according to the season or festival! 

7. Creatively-designed Curtains Using Printed Cotton

If you need a fabric to change the façade of any room in your house, go for printed cotton. These printed cotton fabrics are perfect to match all types of festive vibes. Using them as curtains is an easy way to convert your room into a beautiful place. Also, if you try for a colorful viscose georgette material, its signature puckered appearance helps embellish your room. 

Moreover, you can also get custom prints on a plain fabric based on your preferences. 

It is an undeniable fact that handcrafted fabrics add uniqueness to your home decor. With their quirky and theme-based designs, you can sprinkle a lot of creativity into the ambiance of your home. 

So, are you ready to use a designer fabric for DIY-ing the interior of your house? Grab a cornucopia of options from Diara Moda Italiana.