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It’s our pleasure to serve our customers with high sincerity, meeting their demands and needs is something we are really dedicated to.

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Star Impex Corporation

1664/1, Lane Karmon-Katra Jaimal Singh, Amritsar, INDIA
Call: +91 7888821434

All your fabrics’ needs meet here.

Everything under one roof!
From pure silk to naturally blended fabrics, we offer a variety of unique textures and designs to creative designers, highly renowned boutiques, retailers, manufacturing units all over India.

Bulk orders are fruitful not only for us but for you too!

Buying in bulk is fruitful as you get the fabric of your choice at the most affordable prices. Our team of creative artisans specializes in crafting the most contemporary as well as the royal traditional fabrics of all types.
Buy the most exquisite and high-quality fabrics from one of the purest fabrics manufacturers in India.