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Diara Moda Italiana is the leading name in the industry who sell designer fabrics online at wholesale prices and keeps the weavers in the loop and bring out the best from their creativity to give you excellent fabrics to flaunt. We strive to push the boundaries of weavers by enabling them to tap their imaginative ability and traditional heritage for reinvention by providing such strong roots in the fabric world.

Assurance of the finest quality

Our high-quality products have a large following among designers, receive a lot of publicity, and provide outstanding results at a reasonable price.

Stock in bulk

Our signature items are always available, enabling you to continue to be innovative without interruption.

Affordable prices

We guarantee cost-effective product procurement strategies for your business, as you aim to get the best value for whatever you pay.

Browse through the best variety

Browse our vast product selection and choose what you like; we guarantee that there is something for everyone in our series.

Finest Artisans of India

Our 21 years of commitment towards quality & services has given our company a distinct and unique position in the market place.

Express delivery to your doorstep

No more waiting in wholesale markets or handloom depots; our wide range of goods is right at your fingertips. Simple, efficient, and practical.

We, the Diara Moda Italiana Team, are fabric manufacturers from India who supply wholesalers, boutiques, designers, and manufacturing units across India with a wide range of Silk, handloom textured, and contemporary fabrics in a variety of styles, ranging from 40 metres to 4000 metres.

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